Auto Glass Repair

Chips, cracks and scratches on the windshield can significantly impair the view. However, not all drivers want to get rid of damage as quickly as possible. So why is the timely repair of auto glass so important and how is it done? If auto glass repair is not relevant to you because your car is badly damaged, then get help here: https://scrapmycarnear.me. They offer good money here.

Is it possible to perform auto glass repair with your own hands?

Repair of auto glass is an ordinary phenomenon in life of each motorist. First of all, it concerns windshield repair. A suddenly flown in stone or damage as a result of an accident can cause chips and cracks, worsening visibility.

Let’s consider in what cases does the glass require repair, where you cannot do without replacement, and whether it is possible to perform the repair yourself?

What kinds of damages there are

There are several types of damage. A chip is a chipped piece of glass. Often drivers do not pay attention to such damage, if it does not interfere with vision. Over time, however, a chip develops a web of cracks. Cracks considerably weaken the glass, making it brittle. The consequences will require an expensive repair or complete replacement of the windshield.

Cracks and scratches significantly reduce visibility, causing refraction of light. Over the course of use, the crack grows and branches out. Complicated branching cracks cannot be repaired. 

In both cases timely repair can save a situation and relieve the driver from big expenses.

How to avoid formation and growth of damages

Avoid the development of the defect will help to know the causes of the appearance. These are stones, flew into the windshield, the accident, roughness on the road, cases of increased load on the body.

In winter, the crack increases due to moisture ingress and expansion as a result of temperature changes, under the influence of heating by the heater. Therefore, at subzero temperatures it is not recommended to direct air blowing to the window at once, it should be done gradually.

If you notice any damage, tape the place together with some paper. This will help prevent moisture and dirt from getting into the damaged area. Turn off the windshield blower and reduce speed. On the way to the place of repair, try not to subject the car to vibration. Repairs done in time will reduce costs and extend the life of the glass.

Repair or Replace?

You can determine the need for auto glass repair or replacement based on the extent of the damage. Besides, repair is justified, if its cost is essentially lower than the replacement. And it is hardly possible to save money without timely elimination of minor damages.

As a rule, chips are repaired. But glass with large cracks, especially located at eye level, require replacement. Also, cracks that go over the edge of the glass, cracks in the lower part of the glass, where warm air enters, are not to be repaired. This group includes cracks larger than 5 centimeters in diameter.

How the repair is carried out in the car service

High-quality repair with the provision of a guarantee is possible only in specialized centers. The technicians performing the work must have the appropriate certificates and experience.

The technology for repairing chips includes cleaning, drying and applying a special photopolymer compound to the damaged area under pressure. Then the substance hardens under the influence of a UV lamp. The sanding stage completes the process.

When repairing cracks in the initial stage, the edges are drilled to prevent further spreading. Subsequent steps are repeated.

Work carried out in a timely manner in the car service, allows you to restore almost completely the strength of the glass and transparency.

Affect the final result of the dirt, clogged in the crack, dust and air. Foreign microparticles create refraction and glare, reduce light transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to perform restoration as soon as possible.

In addition, glass and polymer have different optical properties. Therefore, the more insignificant is the damage area, the more imperceptible is the result of repair.

Is it possible to perform auto glass repair with your own hands

Auto glass repair requires professional skills and experience, as well as the necessary equipment, so it should be performed by a specially trained master in the conditions of an auto service center. Only in this way you can be sure of reliable work.

If it is necessary to perform repair by your own forces, provide the necessary accessories in advance. You will need liquid polymer glue, a bridge and injector, a drill, a pump, a UV lamp, liquids for cleaning, moisture removal, a scraper, gloves, a mirror and a flashlight.

The technology is not different from that of a car service. The main thing is to act carefully and not in a hurry. Careless movement can lead to complete destruction of the glass.

After repair, remember that the glass will be more fragile and require careful handling.

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