Car test drive in a car dealership

Test drive of a new car is a popular and demanded service offered by official dealers in showrooms. No recommendations and descriptions can replace the impression of real driving a car. Let’s consider what features this service has and what you need to know about it. And if you happen to need to give your car for scrap, you can come here: https://scrapcar.cash.

Offering to buy a new car, the manufacturer usually emphasizes separately – at official dealers it is possible to pass a test drive. The service is provided to get acquainted with the car, helps to make a decision about the purchase. Let us consider in detail how to take advantage of the offer of a test drive of the car, what you need to know.

Buying a new car, released from the factory, you want to inspect it completely. Not surprisingly, the cost of new cars is times higher than the price of used models. Buying a fresh vehicle is a serious, responsible step. Before concluding a sales contract, it is recommended to make a test drive. Viewing photos, video reviews, studying the technical specifications will leave a different impression from the one received behind the wheel of the car. Test drive service helps to make test drives a reality.

What is a test drive

A test drive is a test drive of a car provided by the dealer. Thanks to it you can understand how the car behaves on the road, whether the dimensions are comfortable, the degree of maneuverability of the car, the comfort of the ride. The test drive helps to understand what kind of a complete set is necessary. Fuel costs, insurance are on the car dealership. Do not be afraid to ask for a test car. A good dealer will be sure to provide an insured car, driving it with nothing to fear for damage, car repair fees. Test drive car insurance covers many types of damage, including earthquake.

Terms and conditions of a test drive

Getting a test-drive car service has some nuances. Often advertisements state that you can come to a car dealership any day, with no appointment, and get any car for a test drive. It is not so.

First of all, managers of car dealerships evaluate the appearance of the visitor, who expressed a desire to take a car for a test drive. As a rule, even if this indicator satisfies them, there is a high probability that they will refuse to take a test drive for some far-fetched reason. Making an appointment in advance is the key to taking a test drive.

It is important to understand that the test drive is not made for the purpose of simply driving an expensive new car. The test drive is designed specifically to assess the pros and cons of the car to be purchased. Ask the manager questions, let him know that you are interested in buying this particular car.

You should have your passport and driving license with you to coordinate the test drive. Some car dealerships allow you to bring passengers, discuss the moment in advance.

What should be a proper test drive?

There are regulations controlling the order of test drive:

The duration of the ride is about 15 minutes. If you are offered a test drive that does not involve leaving the territory of the salon, refuse. Without a full ride on the street route the opportunity to adequately assess the characteristics of the car decreases.

Before the start of the trip the manager must give you the agreement to pass the test drive. Sign it after thorough reading.

Remember that the test car must be insured. If the manager tries to make you sign a document that you will be financially responsible for the damage of the car during the test drive, refuse. Dealers, who value their reputation, do not commit such actions. Therefore it is better to refuse buying a car in such a salon.

The exit from the territory of the auto salon can be made by the manager, can be made by the client. The option of being behind the wheel for the first half of the route is not excluded.

The manager sits next to the client on the front seat.

At the end of the trip employees of many salons hand out an evaluation questionnaire and ask to fill it out to form statistical data on the car models.

The test drive of off-road cars is different from the standard ones. It is necessary to check them in the field on special platforms, simulating off-road conditions.

Terms and Conditions for a Long-Term Test Drive

A long test drive is possible – up to three or four days. The option is not available to everyone, customers with a good reputation, who regularly change luxury cars at this dealer, can count on test drives for several days.

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