Changing the shock absorbers in the car

The shock absorber is an important part of the suspension. It helps to level out vibrations, reduces braking distance, and allows you to keep the road easier. With its help, it reduces side slip, increasing the safety of the driver and passengers. Without its proper and proper operation the car can not be used, because it is fraught with the risk of accidents. Read about most expensive auto repairs.

Before replacing the shock absorber by your own efforts carry out the following actions:

Put it in first gear;
Securely fix the front wheels;
Raise the rear of the vehicle;
jack up the rear of the vehicle;
supports are not needed under the beam at the rear suspension, it needs to be in the loaded state.
Then proceed directly to the replacement of the part.

Dismantle the seat in the back, which is closer to the place of replacement. The nuts of the upper and lower fasteners are twisted, the bolts are removed. Slowly put aside the shock absorber with spring, insulating gasket from the wheel well, the support washer from the cabin and the spring from the shock absorber.

Remove the bushing, the bottom cushion from the rod. Remove the shroud, remove the buffer relating to the compression stroke. After inspecting the shock absorber, replace the deformed pads and lower mount bushing. In addition, it is better to replace the failed compression stroke buffer and the insulating shims if they lose their elasticity.

If the spring is deformed in some places or covered with cracks don’t hesitate to replace it. The size of its shrinkage is checked by three pressings on the adjacent coils. The amount of compression should be equal to the standard.

It is necessary to compress along the axis of the spring, bearing surfaces shall be aligned with the surfaces of the body cups and shock absorbers. Start assembling the strut in the reverse order:

put the shroud cover in place;
the lip on the cover flange goes out;
at the end we put an insulating gasket on the spring.
The spring will rest against the tab of the gasket. Secure the gasket with duct tape, place the spring on the shock absorber, with the end against the ledge of the lower support cup.

After installing the shock absorber in the reverse order:

guide the lower end of the spring to the wheel;
set vehicle on the ground;
tighten the nuts of the shock absorbers.

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