Trucks have a tough job, and in inter-regional trade they are simply indispensable. It transports goods for thousands of kilometers, so it is so necessary to organize the smooth operation of such vehicles. Even an inexperienced driver understands that there are many differences in maneuverability and dynamics between vehicles of different capacities, and thus the requirements for their tires are put forward different. There are no insignificant details in a truck – everything works for results. Tires are especially important since they provide reliable grip and driving comfort. For more information, please contact the company’s specialists, who are in charge of scrapping heavy equipment.

Truck tires serve several other important functions. Effective driveability is defined by perfect traction. The quality of tires determines the car’s behavior on the road, so you should not skimp on the safety of the cargo and the driver. When choosing truck tires, let us focus on the main parameters. First, and this is logical, they should be selected according to the size of the wheel. If you install a tire of a larger size on a small wheel, at high speed it may simply come off. Secondly, calculate the weight of the car and maximum load – the tires should easily support this mass. Carrying capacity – an important factor of choice. It can be estimated by looking at the index on the tyre sidewall. There is also information about the maximum possible speed at which the product can be safely used. Thirdly, take into account the season of use: choose winter, summer or all-season tires with a set of good performance characteristics at the time of year to which they correspond. Another feature that experts can tell you about in detail – you need different types of rubber on the trailer or for the drive wheels. Special special rubber is needed for a refrigerator or a machine used on a construction site.

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