Front optics tuning options

Options for budget modifications, applicable to modern cars, unfortunately, are quite limited. If you do not take into account installation of decorative linings on pedals, as well as a knob, relatively affordable cost in the implementation of tuning – at the front headlight covers, the so-called “eyelashes”. It seems that the price is small because of the small amount of plastic used. But it is not so simple, because the change of the front optics has a great popularity and not because of the cost. It is also very popular to scrap cash for cars.

What you need to know about “eyelashes” for headlights

Competently and qualitatively change the contours of the headlights, quite difficult. The main difficulty is the right balance of proper functionality and aesthetics. Probably few will be willing to make beautiful headlights using only glue and a couple of pieces of plastic that came to hand. But also to use massive “curtains”, after which the headlights are only narrow slits, is also not an option. Therefore, designers of tuning studios are looking for golden mean in this matter. Fortunately, the front optics of any car has large resources in the free space for the possibility to install “eyelashes”, without affecting, in this case, the quality of the functioning of the headlight itself.

Quite easy to transform the “Face” of your car is to stylize rectangular optics into semicircular and vice versa. Such a technique is very common in Western tuners, however, in Russia you can see it on the VAZ “ten”. Therefore, you can also focus on domestic products for car tuning, after all, and among them there are products that can please with their own interesting style.

Partially, it can be explained by economic factors. Of the dozen available standard parts for the implementation of plastic “dodger”, undoubtedly, it is the headlight covers are considered the most sold and popular element. And this is understandable, since at an optimal ratio of cost and received effect, “eyelashes” become quite a profitable purchase for any car owner who wants to bring individuality to the appearance of the car. Demand is beginning to increase and with it the supply is improving.

Headlight covers do have a small cost. However, this does not mean that for a little money you can add uniqueness to absolutely any car. Exclusive options, as before, are in price, so, developing a new idea can pull in quite a lot of money. For those who care more about the ideology in this matter, that is, whether the only instance has a modification of the car or there are already similar, choose a series of tuning kits. As they say, everyone makes the choice for himself.

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