When deciding to sell a car, every owner wants to sell it as quickly as possible for the highest possible price. But like everywhere else, this rarely happens. Either you have to wait until there is a buyer willing to buy at the declared price, or you have to make your car cheaper for the speed of sale. During the waiting period, additional money can be obtained from scrap heavy equipment.

When there are no serious life circumstances that make you neglect waiting for the maximum profit, it is better to try first to place a car sale ad on the well-known sites and see what the demand will be for it. Most often such a sale of your own car is the most profitable, although not the fastest.

If you do not want to bother with posting ads, go to the auto shows, you can use the services of professionals who will do the job for you for a fixed percentage. Thus, since the percentage depends on the sum of the transaction, the seller will be interested to sell the car more expensive. However, the terms of cooperation may be different, for example, you can sell a car in Irkutsk, surrendering it on commission. The staff of the company will take care of all the trouble to sell for a fixed commission, and the price of the car will be named by you.

When the car is sold to buy a new car without mileage, you can find out the conditions for trading in car dealers. Very often, when you sell your own car, the salon is given an additional discount on the new car, which will compensate for the loss in value of the old and save nerves and time to sell it.

It is recommended to sell your car through the carprays system only in extreme cases: when you need to get rid of the car as quickly as possible (urgent situations) or in case of problems with the car, when you need to get at least some money for it (e.g. a car is sold by a legal entity, it is fully depreciated and causes only losses as a transport tax).

But in any case, whichever way of selling is chosen, it is worth doing diagnostics of your car and finding out what defects it has at the moment, so that when speaking to buyers or managers on purchase-sale in the salons you have the most accurate idea of the market price of your goods.

This way they won’t be able to lower the price unreasonably and the deal will be more profitable and maybe even quicker.

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