The car won’t start: what are the reasons?

All of us motorists sooner or later find ourselves in a situation where the car’s engine, for one reason or another, refuses to start and have to read about what to do with old license plates ontario. If you have the proper experience, you can independently determine the cause of the malfunctions and eliminate the breakdowns, saving on calling the service.

Reasons why the engine won’t start
It should be immediately noted that there are many reasons why the engine on the car will not start. In such a case, it is necessary to act by the method of elimination, trying to initially eliminate the most common problems, which will allow you to repair the car yourself.

The reasons for which the engine will not start include the following:
1. Problems with fuel supply.

2. Broken generator or dead battery.

3. Malfunctioning starter.

4. Failure of the ignition system.

5. Failure of the electronic engine control unit.

6. Various engine malfunctions.

Each of these malfunctions has its own specific symptoms, by which it is possible to determine the presence of such breakdowns in the car.

In relatively new cars, the most common cause of such problems is the control system and ignition problems. If the car already has a serious mileage, then perhaps the malfunction lies in problems with the engine, which will require overhaul.

Dead battery
The most common reason the engine won’t start is a dead battery. The battery just doesn’t have enough power to crank the starter and spark the spark plugs. Most often, these battery problems are accompanied by a non-working or dimly lit dashboard and non-working electrical equipment. You can urgently solve the problem by lighting the car or starting the car from the pusher, and later, at home, you need to recharge the battery or replace it with a new one.

Starter damage
Also, it is often impossible to start a car engine in the event of a starter breakdown, as a result of which it does not rotate the crankshaft until the fuel in the cylinders ignites. Such breakdowns can be determined by characteristic clicks instead of the sound of a torque engine, or nothing happens at all after turning the key and there is deathly silence. At the generator, brushes and bearings can wear out, contact closure or oxidation is noted, and bendix breakdowns are also common.

Generator problems
The main purpose of a car generator is to generate electricity from a running engine, providing power to the on-board network and charging the battery. If, for some reason, the generator does not work, then a rapid discharge of the battery is noted, which leads to the inability to start the engine. If there are problems with the generator, you must first check its contacts, as well as the regulator relay, terminals and connectors.

Fuel supply problems
A common reason that leads to the inability to start the engine is a lack of fuel supply or insufficient rail pressure. This happens when the fuel pump fails. You can determine the operation of the pump by the characteristic barely noticeable hum and buzz of the pump when you turn the key. In such a case, the replacement of the fuel pump is most often required, and this is a rather expensive job.

Ignition system problems
If the candles on the car have served their life, then they simply cannot ignite the fuel in the cylinders and the engine will not start. It will also be useful for the car owner to check the high-voltage wires, the breakdown of which can also lead to problems with starting the engine.

Problems with starting the engine in winter
Usually, problems with starting the engine appear in the winter, when the engine, generator and battery are under increased load. In cold weather, it is the battery that begins to discharge quickly at low temperatures, and a worn-out battery already does not hold a charge well. Also, problems with starting the engine can occur in severe frosts, when the oil thickens, and there is not enough power to turn the crankshaft and start the engine. Severely worn out motors can lose compression, in which case it is extremely difficult to start a cold engine in frosty conditions.

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