The main types of rolled metal products and their purpose

Rolled steel is a type of metal products obtained as a result of rolling a billet at a certain temperature regime on a special machine. Thus, a distinction is made between hot- and heat-rolled products, if it is a question of the effect of high temperature on the billet, and cold-rolled metal products, if the production process does not require heating. Heavy machinery towing allows us to obtain raw materials for the production of rolled metal products and thus save the environment.

Classification of rolled metal products
There are several types of classifications of rolled metal products, let us designate the most popular:

Depending on the alloy: ferrous and nonferrous. The latter in turn are divided into light, heavy, noble and rare.
Depending on the method of production: hot-rolled and cold-rolled.
According to the method of surface treatment: mirror, matt, polished, calibrated.
The main types of products are as follows
Rolled sheets are thin sheets that can be obtained from various metals by means of hot or cold rolling. The result is sheets of stainless steel, tin plate, aluminum, etc. The use of rolled sheet is very wide – from sheet to make containers, metal strips (strips), used in construction. Often, after secondary processing sheet becomes a full-fledged building material – for example, decking or metal. Rolled sheets are widely demanded in light and heavy industry.

2. Long steel products are divided into basic types: simple and reinforcing.

Simple section rolled products are metal products with a certain cross-section shape – square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, etc.
Reinforcing bars are intended exclusively for reinforcing reinforced concrete.
3. Flat rolled products – products in which the tangent line drawn to the perimeter of the cross-section at any point necessarily intersects the cross-section. For understanding, here are the following examples of shaped products:

A channel is a product with a U-shaped profile;
Angle – product with an L-shaped profile;
T-beam – a product with an H-shaped profile:
E-profile product – special application rolled sections, popular in agricultural machinery production;
Metal mesh;
Rails of various types – for narrow-gauge, standard, streetcar, etc.
Rolled metal products usage
Products from the range of rolled metal products are widely in demand in various areas of modern industry. The main thing is to correctly select for specific works the type of rolled elements in accordance with their technical characteristics. For example, if we are talking about the armature, it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of foundation will be equipped to pick up the reinforcement of the desired section of stressed or unstressed. When buying rolled metal products from a supplier, be sure to specify the type of planned work so that the products will subsequently withstand mounting and operating loads.


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