Top Reasons Why Experienced Drivers Don’t Inflate Tires

Contrary to the recommendations of car manufacturers, many drivers decide for themselves how to service their cars. For example, some experienced car enthusiasts fundamentally do not inflate tires on their cars, despite the existing requirements. Let’s see why they do it and how use cash for scrap cars gta?

14301097 – young woman checking pressure and inflating car tires

Temperature problems
Most often, tires in passenger cars are recommended to be inflated to a pressure of 2.4 atm. But not all drivers think this is correct. The thing is that when driving, especially in hot weather, the tires heat up from friction and heat the air inside themselves, which increases in volume. This effect leads to an increase in tire pressure by about 5 percent, the tire becomes inflated, and this accelerates tire wear. Also, over-inflated tires become very stiff, which leads to shaking when driving.

We are not pumping up to the end
To solve this problem, some drivers intentionally inflate their wheels to a pressure of 2.2 atm. Thus, when the air in the wheel heats up and expands, the pressure will become what is needed. In addition, riding on such tires allows you to make the suspension softer, because it works out irregularities on the asphalt much smoother.

However, as experienced drivers assure, you should not reduce tire pressure too much, this can negatively affect handling and braking efficiency.

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