Where to deposit your tires

Already got a new tire? And scrap my car in toronto? Then it’s time to put your tires in storage. Why store them, when they can be perfectly stored on a balcony or in a garage? Alas, it is one of the biggest mistakes of car owners to store tyres in unheated garages or loggias: under these conditions tyres lose

a lot in quality and become less durable in winter. We suggest choosing from proven options so you don’t have to replace your tires every season.

One way is to take your wheels to the pits. These are special small rooms with different sizes where you can rent out your wheels for a long time. Heating, ventilation and security are usually all provided. A minus of boxes, they have no delivery service and you have to haul the wheels to the box yourself.
2. Storage Boxes. Self-storage boxes are located throughout Moscow, you can easily find a suitable location close to home. Yes, up to the most storage box, most likely, you will also have to self-deliver 4 heavy wheels. Another disadvantage of the cell is overpayment for air, as the fee is taken at once for the entire area (which is hard to use for storage in its entirety).

3. renting a shipping container to store automobile tires. The upside of renting a container is that this one is likely to be the least expensive of all the options. But everything has a downside, and so here: containers are not very reliable in terms of long-term stora

ge, because they were originally designed for temporary storage during the transportation of goods. They are airtight, there is no heating, which means that with temperature changes, condensation can form, which will negatively affect the condition of the rubber.
4. tire hotels are a popular option for storing wheels. Tire hotels provide all the necessary conditions – the right temperature, a stable level of humidity, and a full guarantee of safety. Of the disadvantages – there may not be a delivery service.
5. Warm Warehouse. The best option is to deposit your rubber in a warm storage facility such as the Attic. There are perfect conditions for storing rubber – constant temperature in the range of +18 … 20 degrees, the right humidity level, stable ventilation and cleaning twice a week. The warehouse has video surveillance with no blind spots, as well as 24-hour security. But the main advantage is that you can return the wheels without leaving home!
A miser pays twice: store your tires properly and don’t skimp on it, so the wheels will last you for several seasons.

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